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Why should you trust us with your data....?

    We are based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and have been providing Quickbooks data repair and other related services for 15+ years. With 1000s of success stories backing us up, we offer the most comprehensive list of Quickbooks data services in the industry with pricing that makes our services affordable even for a personal user. We maintain extremely rigid security measures to be sure your data is always kept 100% confidential.

Here are just a few things to consider when deciding on a company to perform your Quickbooks database repair or other services.

  • The privacy and security of your Quickbooks data is paramount, all data transfers are done on encrypted servers with the highest level of security we can provide. Only you and the technician working on your job will ever have access to your data. Once you are satisfied with our service, we completely destroy all stored copies of your database.
  • A Non-Disclosure Agreements is written into every service contract and we are happy to sign any 3rd part NDA you provide. Over 15 years of service and 1000s of files repair, we have NEVER had a data breach.  
  • Upfront Pricing, You will know your costs for all requested services with one simple phone call, No guesswork just straightforward pricing that you can be confident in. No hidden fees EVER!
  • A direct 24/7 line to your recovery technician... Ask yourself, do you really trust not only your Quickbooks data, but the data of all your customers, employees and vendors to a company that won't even provide you with a phone number? We would'nt and neither should you!
  • NO RECOVERY, NO CHARGE... Unfortunately, the fact is there is no guarantee that your file will be repairable, we are technicians, not magicians... There are cases where recovery is just not possible. What we can do is promise that you will never pay a penny for our standard service unless we can successfully repair the database.
  • Realistic turnaround times that you can count on. "Standard Service" 1-3 business days / "Priority Service" 6-48 hrs. Every job is different and there are some unique or very large recovery cases that may require more time to complete.  Our technicians will consult with you concerning your particular case. We are not interested in wasting your time, we want you back up and running, so a prompt repair of your Quickbooks database is our goal!
  • The most advanced tool and recovery techniques available in the industry. 
  • 15+ years of Quickbooks data repair experience with over a 95% success rate.

NDA, Terms and Conditions


Client Authorization:

1. The client hereby gives full authorization to, its employees and agents to evaluate receive and transfer any applicable Media, data or equipment to, from and between any of their laboratories and affiliates.

2. The client gives permission to to perform an evaluation of the data loss in order to give a more accurate quote or provide any requested services.



Limited Liability:

1. makes no guarantee that data recovery will be successful. will not be held responsible for any damage due to shipping or transfer of equipment.

3. will assume no responsibility for damage to data or equipment during the recovery process.

4. will not be held responsible for any loss of revenue, time, data loss, or equipment damage. The client understands this is a risk of the data recovery process.



Legal Rights:

1. The client shall maintain sole ownership over any data and/or equipment sent to

2. agrees to an absolute non-disclosure agreement on every recovery case.

3. is absolved of any indemnity for risks taken during transfer of any data over the internet.

4. will make all reasonable attempts to keep client data secure. 



Limited Data Warranty:

1. will hold recovered data for a period of 10 days after providing the client with a copy of the recovered data.

2. Should the data arrive damaged due to shipping will provide a new copy of the working data if alerted within the stated 10 Days.

3. All data will be destroyed after 10 days for client security.

4. Any equipment left unclaimed for 30 days will be disposed of after an attempt to contact the client is made.




1. All shipping costs are the responsibility of the client regardless of the status of the recovery.




1. Full payment is due upon completion of a successful recovery, prior to data being released to the client.

2. Any evaluation fees will be paid prior to the evaluation being performed.

3. If we are successful recovering your data you are required to pay us in full unless a cancellation notification is received prior to competition of the job.

4. If the recovery is successful and the client cancels the recovery there will be a cancellation fee of %15 of the quoted job cost.

5. accepts Visa, MasterCard, America Express, Pre-paid Money Order and Checks pending approval.



Data Guarantee:

1. Your recovery comes with a data guarantee.

2. If your recovery is not as promised will do everything in our power to rectify the recovery in question or we will provide a full or partial refund if notified within 10 Days.