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We apply cutting edge techniques and most advanced tools in the industry to provide you with the fastest and most reliable Quickbooks data repair service available today, work one on one with our technicians …. Click here to learn more

Do you have performance issues, is your Quickbooks database unusually slow to respond or growing unmanageable? Our team can clean up and improve the performance of your Quickbooks database... Click here to find out how 

Have you forgot your admin password or been locked out of your database and need immediate access to your Quickbooks database,  Our tools can reveal and/or remove the passwords for you. Same day service in most cases... See how it works


Technicians are available 24/7 to speak with you, Call now for a free consultation. Toll Free: 1.877.230.DATA (3282)

Why should you trust us with your Quickbooks File Repair....?

   We are based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and have been providing Quickbooks data repair and other related services for 15+ years. With 1000s of success stories backing us up, we offer the most comprehensive list of Quickbooks data services in the industry with pricing that makes our services affordable even for a personal user. We maintain extremely rigid security measures to be sure your data is always kept 100% confidential.

Here are just a few things to consider when deciding on a company to perform your Quickbooks database repair or other services.

  • The privacy and security of your Quickbooks data is paramount, all data transfers are done on encrypted servers with the highest level of security we can provide. Only you and the technician working on your job will ever have access to your data. Once you are satisfied with our service, we completely destroy all stored copies of your database.

  • A Non-Disclosure Agreements is written into every service contract and we are happy to sign any 3rd part NDA you provide. Over 15 years of service and 1000s of files repair, we have NEVER had a data breach.  

  • Upfront Pricing, You will know your costs for all requested services with one simple phone call, No guesswork just straightforward pricing that you can be confident in. No hidden fees EVER!

  • A direct 24/7 line to your recovery technician... Ask yourself, do you really trust not only your Quickbooks data, but the data of all your customers, employees and vendors to a company that won't even provide you with a phone number? We would'nt and neither should you!

  • NO RECOVERY, NO CHARGE... Unfortunately, the fact is there is no guarantee that your file will be repairable, we are technicians, not magicians... There are cases where recovery is just not possible. What we can do is promise that you will never pay a penny for our standard service unless we can successfully repair the database.

  • Realistic turnaround times that you can count on. "Standard Service" 1-3 business days / "Priority Service" 6-48 hrs. Every job is different and there are some unique or very large recovery cases that may require more time to complete.  Our technicians will consult with you concerning your particular case. We are not interested in wasting your time, we want you back up and running, so a prompt repair of your Quickbooks database is our goal!

  • The most advanced tool and recovery techniques available in the industry. 

  • 15+ years of Quickbooks data repair experience with over a 95% success rate.


 Condensing and optimizing your Quickbooks Database for better performance  

   Keeping your database optimized and performing to it's full potential is one of the most overlooked aspects of running an efficiant accounting environment. Often the effects of a large database go unoticed, this is because the degradation in performance happens slowly over time. Remember when you first started working with Quickbooks, entering transactions was quick and responsive, reports were generated in near real time, but over time as the file grows in size you might notice a lag when entering a transaction, or running a report, a simple operation like running a backup may take hours to complete. Over time you forget what it was like to work in a Quickbooks environment that responds quickly and efficiantly. While this is a normal occurance, it does not mean you have to live with it... Our condensing service is designed to clean up past years of old unused data, purge lists, reduce file size and rejuvinate the performance of your Quickbooks database. In most cases we are able to restore your database to it's original levels of performance. 

   Our team has the knowledge, the tools and have developed specialized methods to repair files that will not pass data verification or the condense process. Often this is caused by minor data corruption, so the file needs to be repaired before a condense is possible. Needless to say it is in your best interest to correct any problems in your database, afterall that may also be a major contributing factor to the degradation of performance.  The good news is there is help for your file, we will evaluate the cause of the failure correct any problems and complete the condense process for you. 

SO You've tried to condense your Quickbooks database but the process fails

We Offer A LOt More than Just Quickbooks Data Repair

  Is your Quickbooks database running slow...? Has your Quickbooks environment become slow and unresponsive when performing even simple tasks, like paying a bill or just running a report...? Our team can help, we provide intensive Quickbooks data maintenance services designed to clean up your database, decrease the size and increase your productivity by improving the response of your Quickbooks environment. Don't confuse this service with a typical Quickbooks file condense, this service is far more intensive and designed to reduce size and increase performance without having to perform a traditional data condense or alter the state of your data. However, it can be combined with a typical file condense, by doing this we have seen size reductions of as much as 80%, this equates to very significant performance increases within your environment. 

If you have a question about any of our services please do not hesitate to reach out and contact us, we are here to help you anytime!